What is Out Here 3D-Printing Meat Now, I Guess

What is Out Here 3D-Printing Meat Now, I Guess


If you can 3D print a gun … if you can 3D print a house … then bro, you can pull up a chair and 3D print some meat yourself While you are at it, because these masses are not going to feed themselves.

Plant-based meat substitute startup Novamet recently unveiled a closer look at the plant-based meat option it is producing with its proprietary 3D printing technology. Referred to as “the world’s largest complete cut of #culturedmeat,” man-made slabs are made from a meat fiber matrix that is mixed with water, vegetable fats, and plant proteins, and mimics texture, flavor and real Are designed for. Meat.

The news comes on the heels of a € 250,000 cash payment that Barcelona-based Novamet received recently from the Spanish government, and could mean big things for the future of a sustainable, plant-based meat industry.

Since its foundation in 2018, Novamet has set itself the goal of creating “clean meat” that can be permanently reduced without relying on the notoriously inept animal farming industry. With the 3D-printing cuts of flank steak, the company hopes to play a role in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and help remove the massive water wastage generated from 346.14 million tons of meat, which human beings consume every year. Consumes globally.

Although Novamet’s proprietary technology mimics the texture and appearance of real meat by the company’s own admission, the taste is “not yet ready”. Still, the company has a big plan to produce a range of customized printers in 2021 that will be available for distribution throughout the food industry – meaning that you will soon have a restaurant ready for the tissues needed to make a tasty plant-based steak. May be able to produce. .

Novamet’s technology was the beneficiary of a recent significant investment by New Crop Capital, known for supporting some of the most popular alternative protein and meat replacement companies.

Dan Altshuller Malek, managing partner of New Crop Capital, said in 2019, “We think the global food supply chain is broken and we are focusing on one of the challenges, which is animal protein.” There is an opportunity for consumers to shift consumer behavior to reduce their consumption of animal protein products that are at the price point that people will pay. ”

Novamit, a Spanish startup that uses 3D printing technology to make whole cuts of plant-based meat such as beef steak or pork fillets, has received € 250,000 (~ $ 307,500 USD) from the Spanish government, a Spoon according to the declaration. It comes through the Spanish Government Technology Development Organization called the NEOTEC Program of the Spanish Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI).

Novamat plans to use the funds to increase the production of 3D printed meat through its integration of microtrew-technology-technology into high-production industrial printing machines. The company’s microtransfusion technology, which prints plant-based proteins at a microscopic level, was developed by Giuseppe Sionetti, CEO of Novamet, when he was a professor of bioengineering at the University of Catalunya.

The funding follows that 2020 was quite significant for the company. In October, Scoenti announced at the Smart Kitchen Summit that Novamet had developed a prototype to create hybrid products that combine 3D printed plant-based scaffolding with cultured meat cells. In May, the company announced that it had developed a realistic plant-based pork product. Earlier, the company announced that it had developed a second generation of its plant-based steak.

As part of the news, Novamet announced a collaboration with Disfooter, a two-Michelin star restaurant, a list that ranks as the 9th best restaurant in the world. The chefs behind Disfrutar are a part of the same culinary creative team from the early molecular gastronomy pioneer restaurant El Bulli.

“The dispersor will have full use of Novamet’s patented micro-extrusion technology through 3D printing.” Shioni said. “Disfooter’s Creativity Lab already has Novamit’s first 3D printer located outside Novamet’s Innovation Lab. The three chefs have been working as El Bulli chefs for over 2 decades and two of them (Orol Castro and Eduard Zaataruc) were part of El Bulli, the famous creativity lab of Elbulitailor. This group of chefs is the one who invents the spherical technique of molecular gastronomy. ”

Today’s funding follows the 2019 investment by New Crop Capital (undisclosedly). Shioni told Spoon that Novamet plans to raise additional funds in 2021, which he hopes will be a big year for the company.

“3D printing is a very fast technique for iterating and testing new formulations and textures everyday, and it can be invigorating to unlock the future of personalized nutrition,” Scony said.

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