A Look at Star Wars Characters’ Outfits Collection

A popular culture phenomenon all around the world, the Star Wars series offers a look into the epic action-filled life of both the good and bad characters who are never fed up with embarking on missions to explore the galaxies.

The series is based on power, politics, and dominance to rule the universe which is among the only few factors that keep the stakeholders busy fighting each other. Started in 1977, the Star Wars franchise has transformed into a multi-million-dollar company leaving the fans stunned with new installments to the series.

The continuity to the series means there is a big scope of the franchise in future projects allowing it to extend its sphere of influence over the space movie fans of Hollywood. It isn’t only the cinematic shots, breathtaking space visuals, mind-boggling action scenes and jaw-dropping powers of the meta-human and alienated characters that have made the fans keep on supporting the franchise for years.

Additionally, fashionable costumes given to characters, regardless of their good or bad nature, is also something the fans do really appreciate about the franchise.

Talk of every single installment you have watched or have been released, you will be unable to find a single character given something he/she didn’t deserve to don. This, along with various other factors, indicates the franchise has been backed by the professionals and passionate contributors who are always willing to give their hundred percent.

If you have come up here in search of having a bit of idea about the Star Wars Clothing and have free time to dedicate to reading a few hundred words, you have definitely taken a step towards knowing the unknown or what you may have never paid attention to. Very quickly, the following are the most overrated outfits inspired by the Star Wars characters.

A Look at Star Wars Characters' Outfits Collection
A Look at Star Wars Characters’ Outfits Collection


There may be hundreds or thousands of characters associated with the Star Wars franchise but only a few have been able to grab the attention of the fashion admiring fans of the show with Qira among one of them. Mostly appearing with highly casual outfits, she seems to have no soft corner for formal fashion.

Needless to remind you but her popular beige cotton outer layer is simply the hard work of the designers who have given their best to make the underrated character look like a fashionista.

Poe Dameron

Portrayed by Oscar Isaac, Poe Dameron is another addition to the list of highly fashionable characters in the Star Wars franchise. Affiliated with The Resistance, Dameron loves sporting ultra-fancy elements by maintaining a hot appearance and going out of the way.

Honestly speaking, this guy is more into fashion than into rebellion against his opponents. Check out all of his outfits and you will be left with no choice other to believe he has got the skills to be ahead of the supermodels. No joke but a picture of him in an angled shirt with a brown jacket over it is a powerful message to the negative voices who have claimed him to be a piece of crap in terms of following the fashion.

Cassian Andor

Serving as Alliance Intelligence Officer, Captain Cassian Andor has a number of successful mission stories attached with his name. Aside from eliminating the danger within moments and acting as a merciless creature while hunting down the opponents, Andor’s taste of fashion is worth-appreciating.

While the not-so-muscular character is hard to be considered a fashionista, layering that blue fur-hooded top over a formal shirt with a fierce attitude in Star Wars Rogue One reveals he is more than just an intelligence officer.

Nevertheless, all of these characters and their outfits are the masterwork of professional designers who should be appreciated for applying perfection to the costumes with utmost passion and care. Without involving passion, it could have been impossible for designers to make these characters look no less than models.

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